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Pinout for em78p447am


Chris Pieroni

Jan 1, 1970
Hi all!

I'm looking for a datasheet or at least a pinout for the EMC
em78p447aM IC ?

It's used on a a wireless keyboard that I have on a PC here - I had to
replced the motherboard with a propriatory keyboard connector on it -
I know that it was ATX with special wiring but it's since gone and I'm
now stick with a connector I can't fathom.

Basically I've got six wires, two of which seem to be +5v and GND -
the other four I take it are Mouse and Mouse bus - kybd and kybd bus.

The pinout of the IC should allow me to figure out which is which.

Any help of pointers you can give me would be well appreciated.

Don't check the board often but you can get me:
[email protected].