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Please, anybody help?


Apr 14, 2015
Apr 14, 2015
I copy and pasted this from the introduction page, this is a more detailed version of my question, nevermind the health news I got today, I had to vent. Thank you for a very nice greeting. Yes, the virtual pinball world is very much alive. All software is open source and free. You can run in on your desktop but that gets old fast. Been running it for years but never really took the time to fully understand it. The site I mainly(there are several) is All downloads are free to a limit of 5 per day unless you become a subscriber which has 3 levels, all include unlimited downloards. Theres silver, gold, and platinum. I am a gold member. There is a tutorial to install it, I found it difficult at first but kinda got it now. To run is in a cab is a whole new ballgame, 3 monitors, one being a DMD, the playfield which is usually a 46" tv in portrait mode for playfield and a 32" for back glass. The cab versions run on at least 4-5 different programs that all have to be in sync, the main pinball program, a program called B2S server which mainly is for animated back glass, and DOF(direct frame output) Most programs were created by a handfull of members so advise isn't far away. This is not a cheap project by any means(I am in the finding that out stage)Most cabs are Williams widebody so it's a real cab basically. There is a site that you can buy prefabed cabs or DIY kits( Toys are light effects and 20 or so tables(Twister) have a fan that blows on you when a certain even happens, shaker motor, gear motor, Lot of ppl use contactors for the click of a flipper or pop bumper but I am going with cheapo Chinese solenoids(11). I want to go heavy on the lights. I have a 5M strip of RGB LEDs that I will cut up and put in various areas for neat effects but not as neat as ws2812 leds which a member is developing a board for those so I am ready for the board when its complete. He gave me the schematic of the prototype but I don't know what that stuff is, thats why I am here. one member single-handedly programed the scripts for every light and toy to fire at a certain time. I looked at 1 table code DOF and it's hundreds of lines long, and each table is different. I am amazed at the effects these can have. The thing I am having problem with is output boosters, I have 2 control boards already equaling 96 outputs, they go fast(1 RGB LED flasher uses 3 channels) I have a LEDWIZ which is compatable with DOF(thats what tells the toys to do something at a certain time) thats 32 outputs at 500ma each so barely anything, I am using that to run a 16 channel relay board for slower things like solenoids. I have a pacled64 which, like the name, is 64 channels at 20ma each(also DOF compatable). They sell booster boards but due to medical problems, not only do I work, I can't even run my repair service from home(cars, lawnmowers, anything)Last things I have done was rear brakes on a 09 DTS, ball joints on a 99 Siearra(1 side) and a sump pump for a neighbor. Each job was very difficult for my and very sore when done(sump pump took 6 mins). I used to be a heavy truck tech. I had an "accident" 17 years ago at a tractor-trailer shop where a welder shorted out and blew me off the top of a trailer landing flat on my a$$. I blew out a few disks in my back, tore a rotator cuff and some mental issues(panic disorder, ect). Nothing really became of it and I could not stand work comp doctors telling me I was fine and a nuero-surgeon telling my I needed surgery. I basically told the work comp "doc" to shove it where the sun don't shine and quit that job and started drinking very heavy(a whole different story)I was in my mid-late 20's at that time, 28 to be exact. I just been getting sorer as the years went by but was so used to it, I didn't relize how bad it was until my drinking caught up with me. Went to ER for a horrible belly ache, turned out to be pancreatitus(worst pain I ever felt). I quit drinking and was prescribed percoset, very low dose, 5/325. After the hospital stay, 5 days, I was still on the pain meds and noticed something when I took them, I could move and do much more for some reason but I couldn't put my finger on it, so I stopped the meds, then I couldn't do 3-4 cars in a day. Thats when I realized I have been in pain for 17 years and didn't even know it. Told my doctor about this and as time went on, it got worse and worse. One day I brought all the paperwork from the accident except for "certain" files and papers went missing(I picked the paperwork up days before it was to be thrown away). He glanced over them and asked me what I was feeling. I told him my mid back/neck and left arm burned, hurt bad, went numb, ect, all of the signs of a bad disk so he ordered an Xray of my neck(now were up to 2 weeks ago)and it came back "abnormal". I told him that it was my back and not neck, he disagreed but I convinced him to x ray my back. That came back "abnormal" also so he ordered a MRI(lots of miscommunication here) and finally had a MRI scheduled for 4/13. Somewhere in this area, the pain grew very rapidly. I have been in PT for 6 weeks now with no help at all.
So I got the MRI and 4/14(today, even though its 3:36am wed)I got the pre-results. I have something called "spinedilosis" at T12 area and my favorite part is I have "compression fractures" in my neck at C6-C7> They wouldn't tell me anymore at this time. So basically I have been walking around with a partially broken neck for 17 years! Just found out. I don't know what to do at this point. Sorry for the novel but I am in shock. They never checked my neck back then even though I complained of severe neck pain. I just lived with it thinking it was normal not to be able to turn my head to the left. Now, I am about to lose my mind.
Anyway, I can't make any money for a while I guess and want to make boosters for the outputs on the pinball machine. They sell them but as of now, I can't spend any money. Maybe a little. The following links are the boards I need but want to make:
Like this but 96 channels or more, also this:
Same thing but 32 outputs. I don't know enough to even know where to begin except this part number: TLC5940. The boards are turned around or upside down so I can't see the chip numbers. I took apart 2 very old PC psu's lastnight and de-soldered a bunch of "mosfets" if that what there called, transistors? CTB34 are some I got, most were not good numbers but that one I saw for $10 for 1 on ebay so I don't know what I need or how to do this. I know the ones on that board are not as big as this but....NT407F seems to be smaller but couldn't find much. I would like 96+ outputs max 5A at 12 volts. Some things I can run at 5v. I have a 360w 12 PS and a 480w PC ps and will hook it to a breakout board for current. This pinball will never use 5A on all 96 channels but don't know what to get. I would buy 6 of the first links boards if I had the money but buying anything is on hold for now. Just a few pics of what I am doing. The playfield slides in those routed grooves. The PC tray, my 3rd DMD/speaker panel, some PC components. A video link of some of the cool lighting effects that I want, this is from the guy who invented the led controlboard.
This video is the guy with the light board, he only programmed 7-10 tables to use this but I like it
Thank you for "listening".
P.S. I also make homemade fireworks but no expert.