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please help- which board to buy


Raghavendra Mahuli

Jan 1, 1970
Hi all,

I am considering buying a DSP board to get some hands-on experience in
working on DSP. I have theoretical knowledge of DSP but zero practical
experience. I will be doing some projects on DSP in say 3-4 months time. So
i need to be prepared for that. (i have no idea what project i'll put in)
I need some help regarding which one to buy. I am not having a concrete idea
about what application i intend to do. Just have a feel that i may work on
speech codecs. Cost is one of my major factors. So i investigated some
boards which cost less that $200.

The boards that i have considered so far are
1. TMS320C50 board which is available for as low as $150 (planning to use
trial version of codeComposer)
2. TMS320C31 board which is a floating point DSP for almost the same cost.
3. Freescale (motorola ) boards for about $100 with codeWarrior software
4. ADSP 2181 for about $150.

Please clarify some points-

1)I heard that it is always better to go for TI floating point processors
are more companies are using it...Is it true?
2)I was adviced against going for motorola processors as my experience may
not be useful if i work on TI processors in the future?
3)Also please advice me on whether should i stretch my financial constraints
a bit more and consider buying a latest DSP processor, say TMS320C6xx
4) Or is it okay if i just have experience in "some" processor.. i can adapt
to any processor later. ( of course how fast i can adapt is relative and
varies from person to person, but generally speaking what is the opinion?)

Finally if u know some vendor who ships DSP boards, please let me know.
thanx in advance.


Jan 1, 1970
You may also want to take a look at the AD blackfin stamp board. It
has lots of peripherals (Ethernet, 128MB SDRAM, ...) and costs $170.
The Blackfin seems to be becoming very popular. Digikey has the board.
I am currently using a Blackfin in one of my projects and like it.

Darrell Harmon