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Dyna Soar

Jan 1, 1970
John said:
"Dyna Soar" wrote..
So you're not sure if you've ever challenged Trevor about his O/T
anti- gun rants appearing on aus.electronics, but you've challenged
me about countering them a number of times............Hmmm?

Can't you read English? I have challenged him before, but I'm not sure if
on this group. Anyway, I no longer respond to any of his posts, just as
this will be the last time I respond to your paranoia. The two of you are
so alike with your obsessions.
Yes, I guess you'd like to see Trevor's anti-gun bile be posted
without ever being challenged.

Bloody Hell, you're obsessing again, where did I state that? I'd prefer if
Wilson just pissed off. Just as I'd prefer you to piss off, too. However,
this is Usenet and, to quote Roddles, each of us get no say in where and
what another posts. I do have a say, though, as to whom I respond. From
now on you're not one of them. Go sit in the corner with Wilson. :)

Bye, now go beat up a prisoner or something, perhaps that will vent your


Jan 1, 1970
Jasen Betts said:
hasn't got much of a defense force,
no fighter planes, main battle tanks, or ships larger than frigates.

And yet no-one has invaded since the British.

several thousand kilometers of sea will slow most people down,

So Australia is in no danger either then?
(Aircraft attacks on Darwin, and miniature subs in Sydney Harbour not


Jasen Betts

Jan 1, 1970
Total = 35.57 to 36.57%

that was 0.32% of USA population killed, 0.94% UK etc...
Where are the rest?

they weren't killed.
The number of people killed, while very important wasn't all the
sacrifices made. How about all the people rounded up and executed or
held in prison camps?

have you got any statistics?
Civilians who died because their only local
doctor was overseas, or medicines were not available?

everywhere had shortages and rationing.
How about all the
military who survived, but were disabled? Missing limbs, eyes, or
suffered gut wounds that only let them eat a tablespoon of food at a
time? Ones who lost their hearing, or the ability to breath without an
oxygen tank?

seems about equal to the number killed for most forces.
but significantly higher for NZ and India and slightly
lower for UK.
Returning military who lost everything they owned, and
came home penniless, only to be told the government couldn't and
wouldn't honor the promises made when they enlisted, or were drafted?
Having the president order the military to shoot Veterans who refused to
leave the capital?

sounds kind-of self inflicted.


Jan 1, 1970
Michael said:
Russia wasn't the only country supplied though that program.

True, but thats where the majority of equipment supplied went


Jan 1, 1970
Other than it was availible, already refined and delivered to our
allies. We wouldn't have taken it from our civilians and given it to
other countries if they could have supplied enough for themselves.

naah, admit it. the copmpanies could get more for it by selling it to the
allies and compared to selling it to the locals.