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Possible to run CAN at faster than 1Mbps with extra short distances between nodes?



Jan 1, 1970
Hey there - we are currently embarking on a project that will use CAN
to connect various PCBs. All of these PCBs are within about 30cm of
each other. We would like to "overclock" the CAN bus. Specifically,
we're hoping to squeeze 2 or 3mbps out of it. How feasible do you
think this is? Again, the entire length of the bus will be about 30cm
or less. We will survive at 1Mbps, but we will be happier with 2 or 3.
Any ideas?

Additionally, what can we do to maximize the speed possible?

Lastly - can anybody clarify the difference between an RS-485
transceiver and a CAN transceiver? I thought RS-485 was just a simple
differential bus, but I also read somewhere that RS-485 transceivers
and CAN transceivers are essentially identical, so that makes me a bit
more confused. The reason I ask is this: would it be possible to use
RS-485 transceivers in place of the CAN transceivers in order to
achieve RS-485ish speeds? I see that TI has some rated for 40mbps or
so. We don't need anything that fast - but a couple mbps would make us
very happy.