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Power Supply for a portable audio device


Roman Arnet

Jan 1, 1970
I'm designing the power supply for a portable audio device. It has a
SHARC DSP, some interface logic and amplifiers. I need several voltage
- 1.2V DSP core
- 3.3V DSP digital interface
- +/- 5V Interface logic, LED's
- +/-12V Amplifiers
- 48V Phantom supply
The battery pack is intended to give 11..13V.

Do I have to desing for every source a seperate DC/DC converter or does
it make sense to operate with linear regulator's (power loss)?

Is there a step down converter which is able to produce several output
voltages (+/-12V, +/-5V)?


Dan Fraser

Jan 1, 1970
Power supply can take almost as muck work as the original circuit. Yes, you
can buy supplies but you may need several modules and by the time you're
done you could have spent a pile of money.

Are you building one or designing for production?

Is this to run off a 12V battery pack? If so, that complicates things quite
a bit.

What DSP are you using. I may need some help with a design using the AD21161
SHARC chip. I have the source code for our GUI all complete but need some
help fixing defective firmware.

Let me know.