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Problem in Process corner simulation using Cadence ADXL tool.


Sep 28, 2020
Sep 28, 2020
My question is related to CADENCE software simulation.
I am doing a process corner simulation of a simple inverter using ADXL in CADENCE. But the problems are:

1_ When I run only the nominal corner it simulates successfully as shown in the figure.

2-But when I add worse power /worse speed corner scenario for CMOS then individually it runs, however when I combine different corners (e.g. nominal, wort power, and worst speed scenarios) then it not simulating and showing a pending option [attached]. Moreover in remarks, it shows the following message:

net /Vin selected but not highlighted
net /Vout selected but not highlighted

To make it simple, individual corner simulation runs successfully but it does not simulate in the case of combined process corners. And I would like to simulate all the corners simultaneously so that I can compare my simulation result under different scenarios.

Can anyone have faced a similar problem or suggest to me possible ways to solve it?



  • Nominal Sim.JPG
    Nominal Sim.JPG
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  • Worse power sim.JPG
    Worse power sim.JPG
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  • Combined(nominal+worse power).JPG
    Combined(nominal+worse power).JPG
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  • Error message.JPG
    Error message.JPG
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