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Problems with a serial devi

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Dani Rodríguez

Jan 1, 1970
Hi all,
I have a device that works linked to the serial port of a PC. Throw this
serial port some commands are sent to return some information. I am trying
to do a circuit that allows me, after of send a command throw the serial
port, desconect the device from the PC maintening the suply by a baterry,
and store autonomly ina temporal memory all sent by the device for, later,
plug it to the PC and download the info stored in this temporal memory.
I do not know if I have explained myself correctly but I have been trying to
do this assembly for a long time and I have test some things that do not
respond correctly. If someone have done something similar or knows where
could I find this info or someone that could give me it, I will thank a lot
any help.

Thank you in advance


Jan 1, 1970
yes, you explained your self.
look into Atmel, AVR, and PIC
embedded mircroporcessors.
they come in many different packages
in single chips.
you get your self a starter kit and
write the actual code using your PC then
a programmer that is connected to your
serial or parallel port to place the program
code in the chip.
from there on the chip can boot on and operate
using the Legs of the chip as you assigned them
in your programming code as inputs/ouputs, ADC
DAC etc.., and most of them are low enough power
to run on a battery for a while.
you can get them with Flash memory etc....
look at places like
you need a starter kit!