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Programming a video controller



Jan 1, 1970
Iam working on a project that deals with programming a video
controller to allow for overlaying text over the digital video signal.
The display device used is a TFT LCD Prime View PD064VT4 digital
display. I have never worked on programming the controllers. I am from
computer science background.
My first question is "Is a PLC same as video controller
board?". I have seen some posts in this group which talk about
programming PLCs using some ladder logic software. Can this software be
used for programming any kind of controller board? Are there any other
softwares available? I would probably use the SFD064VT4 ADV controller
board to interface with the display board. Is there any specific
software for this type of board? And what are the languages that can be
used for such programming? Any help to this newbie is highly
Thanks in advance