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Protel Design Explorer 99se and Gerber files.


Don McKenzie

Jan 1, 1970
I have a friend that is doing some artwork for me, and he is having a few problems.

Both of us haven't done a PCB design since last century.
A couple of old work horses trying to design a new board.

Have outlined the problem as explained by him below:

any help appreciated, thanks.

Cheers Don...


I am going to produce some PCBs and having never done gerber prints before,
I created what I think are the correct files but when I view them with GERBER MAGIC there appears to be an extension to
the size of my PCB of about 5mm all round..

I am using Protel Design Explorer 99se and in protel the PCB size is correct.

Is this normal when using gerber magic to view a PCB?.


Don McKenzie

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