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Pulsed drive of white LEDs?



Jan 1, 1970
Jim said:
JosephKK Inscribed thus:

There are also retroreflective objects marketed to cyclists (and
elsewhere) involving very small glass spheres made of glass of
whatwever variant has refractive index that favors a significant and
notable bit of
retroreflection. One thing that comes to my mind is "Scotchlite"
(tm) by 3M.

- Don Klipstein ([email protected])

Alas, that does not mean that any of this (with the possible
exception of bicycle reflectors) is currently readily available to
pimpom (OP).

There is always a reflective car number plate.

Brings to mind another of the weird ideas I have...

How would you detect the PRESENCE of such a reflector? About 50'
away, along about a 12' horizontal line, 2' to 4' off the ground.

...Jim Thompson

Good question ! The number plate recognition cameras seem to be able to
do it, even in the dark.