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PWM project for tiny DC motor turning painting


John Popelish

Jan 1, 1970
Michael said:
I'm not entirely following you here.

Have I wired the pot's terminals correctly? I am asking before
soldering the 3 connections.

Please refer to schematic and picture at

Again thanks for your indispensable help.

Look at the schematic. There are two nodes associated with R2. One
of those nodes is the bottom of the resistive element in R2, the
wiper, the bottom of C2 and the bottom of R1. So all these points
need to be connected together (plugged into a vertical set of 5
connected holes in the proto board or some other way with jumpers). I
see that you did not put three wires on the pot and use the proto
board ot make all connections, so you will have to add a soldered
jumper between the wiper (center terminal on the pot) and the right

The other node is the top of R2 which connects to pins 3, 5 and 6.
Since these pins will be plugged into three different sets of 5 holes,
you will have to use jumpers to tie these columns together and to R2.
It appears you have these connections made on the board.

Freddo Frog

Jan 1, 1970
Another very useful source of hookup wire is get metre (yard) or two of CAT5
cable and strip out the wires.
These are perfect for use in the breadboards.