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Q: Any Problems with chargers with too high or low a capacity

I'm very happy that more and more wall chargers are the 5 VDC micro or mini types but many people just grab the nearest one.

My questions are what problems, if any, exist in using a charger that has a too low or too high amp capacity for the item being charged.

Question 1: Say my camera came with a charger rated .7Ahr and I try to charge this camera with one rated .5 or .3Ahr. Seems to me this could damage the charger and\or not fully charge the camera. Yes? No?

Question 2: I use the above .7Ahr charger to charge something small that came with a .3Ahr charger. Would this item only draw what it needed (not using the full capacity of the charger) or might it be damaged or overcharged by the charger?

Seems like information everyone should be aware of.
Thanks for any answers.


Jan 1, 1970
Rheilly Phoull said:
You have it, the devices only draw what current they
require. If the power pack can't supply enough the average
one becomes toast if it's not protected.


Good answer. Since this is s.e.*basics*, I'd like to add
just one thing -
Chargers are rated in A or mA - the maximum amount of
current they can supply without overheating, shutting down
or blowing up. Batteries are rated in Ahr or just Ah, the
product of current and time.

If a battery is rated for 0.5Ahr, it can supply 0.5A for 1
hr, 0.25A for 2 hrs, 0.1A for 5 hrs and so on, at least in
theory. It's a little different in practice.