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Queries on Bass Box



Jan 1, 1970
Hi everyone

I have several doubts regarding subwoofer and its amplifier

-1- What is the basic difference(in construction,working and
performance) between a subwoofer and an ordinary woofer ?

-2- When was sub woofer first introduced ?(And who introduced it ?)

-3- How can I detect a distorted output from a subwoofer ?

-4- What are the specifications of the box on which the sub is to be
mounted ?

-5- Is the shape of the box significant ? Or is that the volume of the
box that matter ?

-6- I have bought a subwoofer named 'DAINTY'.On the sub the following
are written...8 Ohm,130W RMS,260W MAX .Have you ever heard a company
like that ? Or is it a local make ?

-7- Will an amplifier constructed with a TDA 7294 work ?

-8-What should be the power rating (I expect VA,RMS output voltage,RMS
output current) of the transformer to be used for maximum power output

-8- What are the rating of the rectifier diodes and the filter
capacitor to be used for the dual DC power supply ?

Thanks in advance


Gary Lecomte

Jan 1, 1970
I am not an expert in cabinet design, But here is what I know:

1) A Subwoofer is mainly a "Center channel" woofer to reproduce lower
and more powerful bass than a normal woofer.

2) No Idea!

3) All Speakers produce distortion. You need quite soficated equipment
to determine distortion coming fro the speaker, but if it sound good,
who cares.

4) Each Speaker requires a Specific Design, based on the speakers
parameters. The specifications you list do not give enough info. Ask
that manufacturer for all the spec, than find a speaker cabinet design
program. Or ask them for their recommended cabinet design for that
specific speaker.

5) BOTH!

6) Never head of them.

7) Not very suitable for a Sub Woofer. Not Enough Power!

8) I would recommend at least 100 watts RMS of real power. Not some of
these phony RMS Specifications that some manufacturers use today. Even
the wattage specs on your speaker sound a bit outragous!

9) This Totally depends on what it is being used for, the voltage
levels and the currents required. Without that info, no one can answer

Take care........Gary