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QUESTION: Is it possible to run an inverter directly from solar panels?



Jan 1, 1970
I know that most solar panals generate about 18 volts (-/+) and that
inverters need about 12.5.

Yes, if you add a battery to the mix, solves the problem. But I am
asking about the posibility of powering the inverter directly.

(on a clear sunny day - no clouds - for arguments sake)

Could you add a capacitor and some resistors (and possibly a small load
on the circut to add to the voltage drop) ?

I can be more specific on what I am trying to do, but basically I have
two 15 watt solar panels and a 400 watt inverter and I want to 'keep it
light" (ie no batt)

If you have ever heard that song from Prism - that includes the line:
" I got a Solar-powered Laser-beam Guitar" might give you a hint of
what I am tring to do.

Tilting at windmills? Yeah, maybe. But having a little fun.

If you can help or contribute in knowlege it is appreciated.