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questions regarding Paradox Alarm



Jan 1, 1970

I just bought a house with an alarm. But the setup did not suit me so I
decided to modify its operation (number of zones, time etc ...). This is
what I have:
- 5 "476+" Paradox sensors
- 2 keyboards MG10LEDV
- A bell Altec Sirus (v1)
- The alarm system "Paradox SP6000"
- a telephone transmitter : Altec Simpl'Vox (v2)

I have several questions:

- I did a reset of the system so that I could define areas but I
understand that a reset changes the intensity of battery charging
(350mA default): I do not have a special installation, but do you think
for some reason I need to specify 700mA instead of 350mA?
- Apparently the SP6000 has an integrated telephone dialer: so what is
the utility to add this Altec transmitter ?
- Finally, is it possible to test the alarm to sound without the bell?
In fact, I put 30s delay for "night mode" but the bell sounded at the
end of 3-4s, I can not explain why. And I'd like to push my tests a
little further without waking the neighbors up.

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Jan 1, 1970
Le 01/09/2011 21:37, tourman a écrit :
RHC: No, leave it at 350 ma setting

RHC: I have no idea what an Altec transmitter is ! The SP6000 has all
sorts of means of transmission built in to the panel already...

I think that Altec transmitter allows to transmit data AND vocal
messages, apparently the SP6000 only sends data messages (not sure...).
For example, I theorically can hear the inside of my house, even if I'm
away, by dialing my home number. I can talk and my voice will be heard
by the thief, thanxs to the transmitter. So I think this Altec thing has
a few features more than the SP6000 actually has...
RHC: Yes, disconnect one side of the siren circuit temporarily and
have at it...

I disconnected the bell which is inside the house, just by unplugging a
wire, very easy). But the one outside is situated quite high on the roof
so I can't easily reach it. I tried to disconnect one wire leading to
the outside bell on the SP6000 but of course it triggered the bell :)
RHC: The SP6000 is definately NOT a DIY panel. You have not set your
timers properly. I install this panel for a living and it confuses
even me at times with the huge number of software options available...

In fact, I must add that the time when the bell rang after 3s, I
discovered the same morning that I had a plug, in which my TV was
plugged, which didn't work anymore. The wires behind the plug are still
attached to it so my guess is that something went wrong in my
"electrical bay" (sorry I'm not sure this is how you call it in english
; I just mean the place in which every wire is connected, behind
different fuses, except I don't have fuses but a system more modern).
Maybe it has something to see with my problem, but I haven't checked yet
the "electrical bay", I'm waiting for someone experienced. And when I
tested the "night mode" 3 days ago it rang after 45s, as I wanted...

Moreover, in case you are interested in my configuration, this is what I
wanted :
- I have 5 detectors : 3 near windows, 1 in the garage, and 1 in the
entry of the house.
- partial mode : only the garage might trigger the alarm
- night mode : the detectors inside the house allow 30s before
triggering the alarm, and the detector in the garage allows a little bit
more, because I want to open the door, park my car, walk and then reach
the keyboard to put in my code.
- complete mode : 3 detectors trigger the alarm immediately and 2 (entry
+ garage) allows time to put in the code.

I set my detectors as follow :
- 3 detectors (near the windows) as "type zone 09" : I want them to
trigger the alarm immediately when I put the alarm in "complete mode",
and after a few seconds (default 15s, set as 30s) when I put it in
"night mode", and no triggering when in "partial mode".
- the detector in the garage is set as "type zone 02" : I want to have
45s (default delay) in each situation
- the detector in the entry of the house, is "type zone 03" : no alarm
in partial and night modes (I would have liked it to trigger after a
delay, in night mode, but I don't think it's compatible with my other
expectations), but "delay 1" (45s default) in complete mode.

Thank you so much, again... And sorry I don't think everything is clear