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Qwest Vs Beamsnail


Bob La Londe

Jan 1, 1970
As some of you know I've got a new place out of the city (for a couple years
now). With that comes some interesting ways to do things. We can't get
cable for broadband. In this areas that is consistantly the fastest service
with each headend capable of providing 5+ mps shared. There is cable across
the street, but all utilities here are underground (I like that). With that
being the case they aren't willing to bring out a construction crew to add
one new service. For the last almost 2 years we have been using a wireless
"broadband" provider. (Note the quotes)

Well, Qwest finally improved their hardware to allow us to connect to their
broadband speed dsl. We ordered it and I finally got around to hooking it up
this morning. I have not yet checked the upload speed, but it averaged
1.4mps after half a dozen download tests. Cool stuff.

We did several dowload tests. Browsing, large files, FTP multi files, etc.
No long ping times. No timeouts. Consistant downloads from 1.3-1.6mps.

Obviously overall service and down time issues will only be noticeable after
the service has been in place for a few months.

The following can only be charachterized as satire or parody. Certainly no
real broadband provider can really exists that actually performs like this.

Still, it can't be worse than I experienced with Beamsnail... er I mean
Beamspeed. No its a parody. I really mean Beamsnail.

The fictitious company Beamsnail advertises downloads of 768K (.7mps) but I
never at any time ever connected to the internet at that speed. Not even
once. Over the course of the service for the last year and a half I did
atleast 100 speed tests. The fastest I ever got was about 560K (average when
it was working was more like 300K), but that was constantly interrupted by
ping times in the hundreds of millseconds. Long enough that even human
reflexes could notice it. It was cumulative too with some ping times that
bordered on service interruption, and remote servers simpley disconnected
after waiting for a response for as much as several seconds.

Add on regular service interruptions from several minutes to several hours
intermittantly, and the 69.95/mo price tag and I have to say Beamsnail is
only a fictitious broadband provider. It must be a name I made up to parody
broadband services.

Anyway, so far Qwest highspeed DSL seems to be working consistantly and
reliably. Since I can return the modem anytime in the next 27 days (it
arrived on the 29th) I think I will wait a little while before returning the
Beamsnail broadband wireless service modem. Oh, atleast until tommorrow.
(They aren't open today.)

The guy who makes the final decision
on who we do business with.
Bob La Londe

The Security Consultant
Bob La Londe - Owner
P.O. Box 5720
Yuma, Az 85366

(928) 782-9765 ofc
(928) 782-7873 fax

Licensed Contractor
ROC103044 & ROC103047

Bob La Londe

Jan 1, 1970
Mark Leuck said:
You okay Bob? You've said something positive about another company :)

No. I'm bummed. Went fishing yesterday, and only caught one fish.


Jan 1, 1970
Mark said:
I didn't think it mattered how many you caught as long as you had a
cooler of beer around?

You're thinking of Roland.

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