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Radio Shack - Metex Multimeter with PC interface Info



Jan 1, 1970
24-Range LCD Digital Multimeter

Your RadioShack 24-Range LCD Digital Multimeter is a portable compact
multimeter that is ideal for field, lab, shop, bench and home
applications. Its 3-3/4 digit digital display means it can display up
3,999 units. The meter measures DC and AC current up to 20 A, voltage
to 1000V DC and 750V AC RMS, and resistance up to 40 MOhms.

Computer Interface and - lets you connect your meter to your PC
Software compatible computer with the supplied MS-DOS
Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, or 98 software, so
you can log and graph measurements

I would like to know if anyone wrote any software for the RS
220-0805 24 range LCD Digital Multimeter with RS232 pc interface
made by Metex?

What model Metex is it (Metex ME-11)?

Can this be used as a single channel digital storage
oscilloscope or a basic scope?

Will the software run with Win98 or 2000?

Can this be compared to a real scope?

Any website with info on this model?

Is there any real advantage in having a meter with
an RS232 serial port?


This is the info I have on writing software for it:

Technical Information

You need the following information if you are writing your own interface

Communication Parameters

Transmission rate: 600 baud

Character coding: 7-bit ASCII

Parity: None

Stop Bits: 2

Data Format

The data format consists of a frame of 14 bytes. The frames are set as

BYTE) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E

Example 1) DC -399.9 mV CR

Example 2) OH 39.99M O h m CR

Hints For Writing Your Own Software

If you write your own program, the host computer must give the meter the
D command to activate data transmission.

The following code is an example of a BASIC program that gets a single
reading from the meter:

10 OPEN : "COM 1 : 600, N, 7, 2, RS, CS, DS, CD" AS #2

20 A$ = "D"

30 PRINT #2, A$

40 IN $ = INPUT $ (14, #2)


60 CLOSE #2

70 END



Jan 1, 1970
Also known as the Radio Shack 24-Range LCD
Digital Multimeter Model 22-805.

ScopeView Mode:

The ScopeView mode, like the Logger mode, has a
control and a data display screen. The control screen is
used to setup the Vertical and Horizontal sampling units of
the ScopeView Screen. The Scope triggers and sweep settings
can also be set here, as can an option to record the file.
In the data display window, collected data is graphically
displayed, a real-time meter is shown, scope setup is shown,
as is the max/min samples. Files stored in the ScopeView
mode also be read by many of the standard spread sheet programs.

What are the Scope Specs?