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Radio transmission and ADC problem (revised). Thank you very much



Jan 1, 1970
I am going to list what I try to do.

1) Input 0 to 5V to Atmel AVR AT90S8535

2) 10bit ADC conversion by 8535

3) Encode with HT-12E and transmit by TLP-434

4) Recieve by RLP-434 and Decode with HT-12D

5) Display infomation by 7 Segment display.

I would lik to ask.

Q1) Can Atmel 8535 do the 10bit ADC and output data from RS-232(serial

Q2) Do I need encoder HT-12E if serial data is achieved?

Q3) Can I just input serial data to TLP-434 and radio transmit it?

Q4) Can I just input the serial data from ADC to TLP-434 transmitter?