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Radionics D5200 Replacement/Backup



Jan 1, 1970
I have a couple of questions for the group about the Radionics 5200
programmer. I am a programmer that is also interested in alarm/security
hardware. As such I am looking for interesting projects to occupy my time.
After recently purchasing a D5200 programmer, I was struck by the thought of
emulating the programmer on a PC/laptop to avoid the hassle of using
specialized, single purpose hardware when working on my alarm system. So, I
would like to gather the thoughts from the group on the following questions:

Do you have a need to be able to transfer your D5200 handlers to/from your
5200 to your PC for backup purposes?
Would you be interested in running your 5200 handlers ON your PC/laptop
(i.e. replace your D5200)?

If there is interest, I may persue the project to emulate the D5200 on a PC
computer. Upload and Download of handlers could be performed with a simple
RS-232 cable at 19.2kb. Programming panels would require a small circuit
board to provide the physical and interface between the laptop and the
panel. Sharing/backing up handlers would be a simple as moving files on a

Thanks for your constructive feedback.