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Raspberry pi with load cells,gps and gsm modules.

Sreevatsa Acharya

Dec 5, 2017
Dec 5, 2017
Hi everyone,

I am working on a iot project and i am begginer in the field. I am trying to interface raspberry pi 3 model B with load cells(10tonne), gather the data and send it to a server using a gsm module. I also need to to send the location of the device through gps.
Can somebody help me choose the hardware?
here are my doubts:
-- a compatible amplifier for the load cell.(the load cells excitation voltage is 10v whereas gpio pins from the raspi provide 5v)
-- gps module aand how can i achieve geofencing with the same
-- a gprs module to send data to the server
-- can a gps/gprs module be used to send the sensor data along with gps data so that ican use a single module.

Any help is appreciated,