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RCA 1993 CTC169


technically inept

Jan 1, 1970
I am not at all technically endowed...I've done several searches and
here's my wonderful TV:

RCA 27" TV picture in picture

Model # F27730EM

Serial # 330236150

Chasis # CTC169CF5

Purchased: 09/1993 (13 years old!)

$797.09 in Venice, FL.

It's been repaired once before for the same issue about 4-5 years ago,
power surge broke/took out the beige little power unit, that the power
cord plugs in to at the back of the TV, that's what I remember, I don't
know the technical diagnosis was, and I don't recall the repair cost,
but it was worth it for my tough little TV!

Anyway, it's a Sunday afternoon and I'm taking it back to the same "RCA
authorized repair" store that worked on it the last time and I'm hoping
he will be able to fix it again.

We had a power outage, living in FL, that happens every so often, then
the power came back on and everything worked except my TV. We do have
a surge protector on the electical panel box and all electronics are
plugged into surge protectors...still I should have unplugged the TV
and when the power came back on my TV was totally dead. Upon close
inspection, when I gently push the power cord into the set at the back,
just right, I see a little bit of a faint spark and I hear a very faint
clicking sound for a count of 4-5 seconds then nothing.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the same thing that happened last time.

Any thoughts or advice? It's been a great TV, we have had two other
brands of TVs in the house since we purchased this one and both have
been replaced.