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RCA D52W20 flashing black to white horizontal snow



Jan 1, 1970
The reason for my post is not as much in finding a fix for the problem
as it is in determining if the TV is worth repairing. I have had it
for about 2 years and am now experiencing the issue of the picture
randomly flashing from black to horizontal snow/stretched white lines.
Its not snow like you typically see when the TV has no signal, but it
is close. When I change to an input that has no signal and bring up
the menu it's also wavy in vary speeds. I have tried using different
inputs, and hooking the cable line directly to the TV and all methods
still end up with the same issue. I have also experienced the problem
when watching DVDs but the problem occurs much much less frequently,
if at all.

First impulse may be to say it's the TV signal, but the issue does
occur during DVD playback. It also continues to do it even if all
video/audio sources are turned off. The last time it occurred I
noticed all the guns/bulbs flashing off and on in their respective
colors at the same time. There is no problem with the audio and the
picture is perfectly normal when it's not experiencing the issue. I
made no changes to any settings or dials or anything, nothing was
spilled on it and to my knowledge the TV wasn't even moved or looked
at the wrong way. All of my research has turned up nothing of a
similar problem occurring to anyone else. I did read a lot about a TV
on/off problem that was common but my green on light stays on the
whole time. My best guess is that there is something wrong with the
convergence part of the TV.

I took down all the numbers, but left them at home. I believe the
chassis number was ITC222, but all the online references to the model
number say it's ATC???, it definitely ended in 222 though.

Thanks for any advice, the best I've deemed so far was that I
shouldn't have bought RCA to start with.



Jan 1, 1970
Probably at least a signal board, requiring registration resetting, etc.


Jan 1, 1970
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Thanks Art for taking time to offer a suggestion.

I did try changing to an rca style cable last night, the kind with
yellow/red/white. When i did so the TV never went to the black/white
flashing. However it did randomly start going wavy with a purple tint
to the waves. Its kind of hard to describe exactly what was happening,
but it seemed to be a result of the same thing that caused the snowy
effect. I guess at the higher resolution of the hd cable signal it was
enough to knock the picture completely out. Then at the non-hd signal
its only enough to knock it out of convergence or something. It also
seemed to be of vary degrees of wavyness depending on the colors in
the picture. It was worst when the picture was predominantly black and
less noticeable when there were lots of color.

Thanks again