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RCA XL100/Skip Commercial Model F25261/Chassis CTC185AA4 has no sound...



Jan 1, 1970
Hello all,

I am an electronics hobbiest...and like to pursue challenges!

I accidently put a 5+vdc power surge on my two speaker wires inside th
TV set. Since then, I have had no sound on the TV, but everything els
is OK.

I am sure I messed up the audio section somehow...but do not know wher
to start. My 33 ohm/2 watt resistor is OK in the audio section...bu
that is all I see (visually) that could of been messed up.

I would sure appreciate replies concerning my challenge. I have an 0h
Meter/desoldering gun/and tools to do the job...but do not know wher
the culprit is lurking.

Any help would very much be commended.

I thank each and everyone for taking the time to read my post!


Patrick C. Cambr


Jan 1, 1970
Sounds like the USB Speaker Connection may have been defective when the Flux
Capacitor discharged,Eh?? <