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re designing the arc lamp ignitor

There is only one small arc light psu schematic as far as I know (in
english at least)

see the excellent pdf:

its like pg 26 if I remember right, and its for a 175 watt lamp.

cermax is just a bit little different from the traditional XBO arc.

you might want to read the chapters on starting, safety and lamp life
before designing your own.

BTW, ignitor is a misnomer, if your working on one of these ,
TERRIFIER would be a better name for the ignition system, as Bill
said in a previous post, a whole lot of physics goes on, and needs a
long term ringing pulse, be careful. Ignitors, if properly
designed, will ignite fingers placed to close to the lamp, and are
comparable to small defibrilators. BTW, just so you know if you dont
have a commercial housing, on the small lamps, the electrodes glow
orange red almost down to the connectors, most lamps are mounted on
2-3" ceramic standoffs with connector clips plated with something that
doesnt oxidize. some lamps need airflow, some small ones are covection
cooled, make sure you know which type you have.

Steve Roberts