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Re: Hiding component Values/Designators in Altium


David L. Jones

Jan 1, 1970
neddie said:
Hi to all.
How does one go about hiding the component values / designators on a
pcb in Altium designer.
In Protel99se you could select the value and click the hide checkbox.
Then by selecting the global
option you could hide all the values on the top overlay.
I don't want to have to individually hide all the values and
designators. I'm sure Altium will do it , I'm just not sure how. I
dont want to turn off the Top Overlay layer because I will lose the
component outlines.
Any tip will be helpful.

Right click on the text and select "Find Similar Objects", this has replaced
the old "global" feature.
Then you get a whole bunch of options for masking out exactly what you want.
Once you do that and hit OK it will select all those matching objects and
give you an edit box to change the global parameters. Then you select Hide
and it will change them all for you.