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Rear projection 43" Samsung.



Jan 1, 1970
More info for my previous post. Model # HC-R4351WX/XZC. Chassis # P60B
Thanks Jamie, & Meat Plow!

Dead, won't come on, led is on at standby, & just flashes at turn on
with remote. Unplug connector CNZ04 from convergence, pop in speakers,
tries to start, but shuts right down. Sanyo STK 394-250 IC's seem ok,
& all fusible resistors check fine. Can't get at the board
to do any measurements, without removing it totally. No leaks.
Removing the main board,
& removing the STK IC's, all semiconductors check out statically, but
D402 by the IHVT measures as high as two diodes in series, but ok the
other direction. It's likely ok. I put
120 VAC to the "main board" out of the set to do some measurement,
SMPS has no secondaries, checked the caps in the primary, & all semis
in the secondary....can't find anything bad, even the vertical seems
ok! Ideas, anyone? Dani.