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Recharging Time for NiCads



Jan 1, 1970
I have a AA Nicad charger that charges 700mAh batteries using the 5hr rate, but
I want to use 1000mAh batteries (same size, AA Nicad). Is it ok to recharge
them using that, and is the charging time also 5hr or should it be longer?


Jerry Greenberg

Jan 1, 1970
If it takes 5 hours to charge a 700 ma/Hr battery, the charge current
from your charger should be around 140 ma. Most likely your charger
is working at 150 ma or so.

It should fully charge the 1000 ma/Hr batteries in about 7.5 to 8

Chargable batteries have a minimum charge rate, depending on their
specifications. For most of the AA size batteries, the minimum charge
rate is about 60 to 80 ma. A charger working at 140 to 160 ma/Hr is
not going to be overly stressfull for any of the standard chargable
batteries. For most of the 1000 ma/Hr battery types, it is safe to go
to about a 250 to 300 ma/Hr charge rate.

I would say your charger should be okay for what you want to do.

Jerry G.