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Remotely open/close motorised front gate via text message


May 28, 2016
May 28, 2016
CustomTrading submitted a new Showcase Item:

Remotely open/close motorised front gate via text message

Open or close my front gate via a text message.

Unless there is a better way, the main project (and my biggest issue) is to convert a constant +12V to a single pulse that activates a remote control.

I have the Unimax HSPA+ Ethernet Modem Router with I/O Board

The modem/router is already to turn on (+12V) one of the outputs when I send a text (Gate On). Sending another txt (Gate off) will turn off the output.

I need to use the +12V output to activate the remote that opens/closes the front gate. I assume this will involve converting the +12V output to a single pulse.

The remote I use to open & close the gate is a Magic Button MBTX4,172,Magic_Button,MBTX4,MBTX4

I imagine the process working something like this –

To open the front gate from the closed position
Send txt (Gate On) – Applies +12V to the output of the I/O Board.
Convert +12V to a pulse to activate button 1 or 2 (both buttons are programmed to open or close the gate) on the remote to open or close the front gate.
Send txt (Gate Off) – Turns off +12V output on the I/O Board.

The same process will need to be followed to close the front gate again.

How do I do this? Who can build it? What will it cost?

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