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Renewed warning about service menus ! BIGTIME !

Sometimes things are not as expected. I have been in many many service
menus. I have been fixing TVs professionally for over 20 years.

I made a mistake today and realize that I am supposed to know what I
am doing. When you are in the service menu of a CTC 195, it saves on
the fly, there is no procedure to save. none is needed, it did it,
even if you unplug the set, the shutdown sequence does it.

Well RN14501 (I think) was bad. The symptom was a vertical problem and
I quickly saw that is was mis-centered. I went into the service menu
and ran the vertical centering through it's paces. It would not come
up, even with the parameter at zero.

When I replaced RN14501 I got a severely distorted V sweep.

I tried three of them. What I wound up doing is to put the original
RN14501 back in, to make it run, set the centering parameter to about
the middle, and then it worked, after RN14501 was re-replaced.

Now if a 20+ year veteran can make a mistake like this, imagine what
you can do ! What's more, I was only able to fix it by knowing what I
had done. I would never know what someone else has done.

So go ahead and play with the service menu folks, then you get to go