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Repost please: $1/watt solar panals.



Jan 1, 1970
"Josepi" <[email protected]> said:
Blah..blah..blah.. Read the manufacturers warranties. 3-5 years on most
batteries if you never discharge them below 50% and treat them perfectly.

Only a Rube would use batteries with a 3-5 year warranty, for an Off
Grid Application.... what a Moroooon.... (Bugs Bunny Definition)
Sue I have lived in the dark
and cold on 5 year old batteries. I am sure many of you have done the same,
living off grid.

Well, I haven't, and it wasn't difficult. All I did to get good life
out of my batteries was follow the advice I learned early on, and
which I now pass along to others - buy the best batteries one can
afford, and maintain them sensibly. Apparently you decided to take a
different approach. Tough luck. The sensible advice now is for you to
accept reality. It's gratifying to see that you're going your own way
once more, because making the same mistake over and over is my
personal theory on what makes a nitwit. And it couldn't have happened
to a nicer guy!



Jan 1, 1970
Dave Merriman said:
I'd like to suggest that this newsgroup be renamed to:

since there seem to be a number of people that haven't (yet) simply
learned to ignore each other in favor of discussing actual home power
topics. Over half of the alleged postings over the last few days have
been back-and-forth arguments that look more like a couple of 5-year-olds
pointing fingers than actual reasoned and informative discussion.

Either that, or ONE of the parties is going to have to show the maturity
and good judgement to simply refrain from responding to the others

How about you learn to use a Killfile... and let us folks who have been
reading, and contributing, this newsgroup for a decade or more, continue
on without your non-relevant comments.... We would appreciate it.....


Jan 1, 1970
"Josepi" <[email protected]> said:
The group thinks you are showing a lot of poetic licence.

Another Wayne sock puppet that always pops up when S..S..S...S..Suspence
gets his self in toruble here, oh yeah, from the welding group.

It's quite obvious to the group members that your main technique is rabble
rousing. You think if you are the first to say "Plonk" then everybody will
follow. Trouble is, only the newbies ever see your text anymore.

Just "Who" are you replying to, and who elected you Group spokesperson?

"Welding Group", where did that come from? I posted to the OP original

I didn't "Plonk" anyone, let alone, say I would....

and can you explain just why "newbies" wouldn't see my posts?

You Must be a Newbie who can't read Headers, and gets confused easily..
Oh, I see your in the UK.... that explains a lot....
He's not new. He's Gymmy Bob, formerly solar flare and john p benji
(and some others I've forgotten) in the energy groups, plus a bunch of
other nyms according to the playmates he dragged here when he first
arrived. As I recall, he'd fled some knitting group or some such,
claimed to be an electric utility tech, and claimed to have both a
grid connected and an off-grid place. Said he lived in Canada and had
a place in US. Probably not a word of truth based on the ignorance he
displayed in his posts. The mysterious references to welding and tower
climbing were dead giveaways to his previous craaaaziness about those
subjects. As if the top posting nonsense wasn't enough by itself. The
last nutball claim I remember from his solar flare persona was that
battery charging turbines produce thousands of volts. His newest
claims are that he has a wind turbine with a 6' hub, and that he's
spent time in the dark because he doesn't know how to make batteries
last more than 5 years. Quack city.