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Repost Samsung rear projo odd problem.



Jan 1, 1970
Samsung M # HC-P5241W Ch # P60A. My main concern is why the EEPROM
values are at zero! Nothing burnt, nothing bad by the yoke plugs.

Looks like the typical bad convergence, but actually has bad
pincushion, & picture is too wide, & too high, in every cutomer pix
setting. Both STK's were replaced, but it's the same. B+ is 115VDC @
H.O.T., so it looks like bad pin. Here's where it gets odd. As if it
has a bad EEPROM, of corrupt EEPROM, or someone was in the service
menu tweaking (pretty sure it hasn't been touched). Some "size values"
are zero. Eg: V Lin, Upper Lin, Lower Lin, VSC, H Parabola, Upper
Corner, Lower Corner, Trapezium, Bow, Angle, & V Position are all
zero, & should be about 31 at default. Replaced Pin Amp Loc Q402 KDS
73-Y NTE 54, & IC 401 KA4458. High voltage caps aren't split, bulged,
or burnt. I "tweaked" the EEPROM, & it's better, but can't get the
whole pix small enough to fit. Has anyone seen this odd problem?
Thanks, for reading this long post. Dani.