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REQ: BOSS tu-12 tuner PCB info


Elmo' 7#9

Jan 1, 1970
I have a BOSS TU-12 tuner with broken PCB traces around the surface-mount

I've accounted for all pins except for one.

With the lower casing removed and the PCB aligned so that the writing on the
chip (and PCB) is directly readable,
the pin I need to know about is the 3rd pin from the top on the East edge of
the chip.

Is it connected to the top 2 pins (that connect to the negative side of C7)
or is it connected to the pin immediately below (that goes to the bottom of

If anybody has a scan of the PCB or is willing to ease the lower casing off
of their TU-12 and take a look, I'd be grateful.

Elmo' 7#9