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REQ: Rohde and Schwarz SMG partial schematic



Jan 1, 1970

I'm looking for a partial schematic for a Rohde and Schwarz SMG. The unit
gets an error 6 on a power-up, indicating that the lithium battery is low,
but the battery is good. The SRAM's are getting a proper 3.5VDC when the
unit is powered off. When tracing out part of the circuit, It looks like
they are using a A/D converter to measure the battery, but it's a rather
complex circuit using analog muxes, switches, op-amps, etc. If anyone
might be able to scan this part of the CPU board schematic for me, I'd be
very grateful.

I can be contacted by email at 66gtojayw AT, or reply to
group. Alternately, it could be posted to

Thanks for any help.