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Resources for using APDs?



Hi - I'm working on a project where I'll need a very sensitive APD,
ideally tuned to a pretty specific frequency (though I can put an
optical filter in front of it if necessary). I don't need the single
photon sensitivity that some devices have (though that'd be nice), but
the higher the sensitivity the better. I also don't need much
information from these devices - I only need an on or off signal, as I
plan on using it in a time of flight laser range finder.

Are there any good resources for designing APD detectors for this sort
of purpose?

Also, how important is cooling for these things? I'm hoping for this
to be a fairly low power device, so the massive active cooling I've
seen in some devices worries me. For example, I was looking at the
paper here: and
they were cooling down to 77K. That's pretty darn cold!