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Revised strategy



Jan 1, 1970
Thank you all who responded to my first inquiry about hot rodding my
Leslie 122A speaker. Your replies were very informative and helpful.
My new approach is to simplify things a bit. What I think I want to
do now is to simply get a separate tube amp and a studier crossover
and just use the stock amp for the chorale/tremolo switching duties.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a really good tube for this
job? I think I would like to end up with about an 80/100
relationship. 80 watts to the horn and aprox. 100 watts to the
woofer. I don't believe I even need to switch out drivers, as this is
one of the new Leslies with the 100watt ferro-fluid driver and the
100watt woofer. Sure would like the new tube amp to also have have
6550's for finals. Man I love the way they break-up. Any
help/suggestions much appreciated.