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Darren Thornton

Jan 1, 1970
I recently bought a compact RCA RF modulator. Walgreens had them on
sale. I was wanting to use it for an old TV. It's a good set, but on
its last legs. I have to leave it on a few minutes for the horizontal
to straighten out. Another old set is waiting to replace it.
The manufacturer should have given more directions. I know what to
connect for the DVD player. There's another part to connect to the TV.
But I have a Magnavox antenna on the top. There's a spot to connect it
to the modulator. However, I can't figure out how.
Do I disconnect the signal splitter I used to connect the VCR?
Can someone help me? My DVD player is currently in the living room. I
have to almost make an appointment to use it. My desire is to move it
in my bedroom on occasion. Maybe someone can also offer a verdict on my
set. The picture looks great once the horizontal straightens out.

Darren Thornton