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Rigol DSA 815



Jan 1, 1970
Re the Rigol: I think Dave did a tear down of it on his eevblog.



Jan 1, 1970
And you never seen a teardown of a Rigol scope :)

Nope - it doesn't interest me in the least. To be honest, I don't bother
with low-end stuff. For myself, I only do HP/Agilent, Tek, Keithley, and
Rohde and Schwarz. Although I will take in repair orders for other brands,
nobody has ever asked me to take a look at any Rigol equipment.
It seems the used equipment market is so much better at your end. I
recently restored a TDS544A but its hardly worth the effort from a
financial perspective. And I was extremely lucky someone offered a
working color CRT board for an absolute bargain. Perhaps it was the
shortest buy-it-now offering on Ebay ever :)

I don't bother with TDS500 or TDS64X series anymore. Got tired of changing
out all those leaky caps, washing boards, and hunting for open traces in
the ACQ boards. Tedious work! Although I think the 500D series of scopes
didn't have that problem.


Jan 1, 1970

Neat! Say the four channel Aglient 'scope 54831B for only ~$600 looks
like a steal. Is this 600MHz? Is there something wrong with it? (I
wonder if my wife will let me buy another 'scope?)

There's nothing wrong with it, other than you needing to supply the scope.

The Military bought a lot of the 54831 (M) scopes, and they've been
hitting the surplus market in the last few years. However, when they
bought them they stipulated that the scopes come with Windows 98 (blech)
for some reason. Upgrading them to XP makes these scopes much more