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Roksan ROK-DP1 CD player


n cook

Jan 1, 1970
Beats me why the owner wants this thing repaired - a serious case of
mutton dressed as lamb as far as I can see.
Main electronics of a basic Sanyo or Panasonic CD player put in a
large heavy moulded fibre-board box. Different power supply and a
crude door-lifter system based on a model remote-control Futaba servo
glued to a bracket screwed with wood screws into the fibre-board
housing and relying on simple 555 timer circuit to time open/closing
with no microswitch interlock. Only an initiation signal line taken
off the sledge end limit switch to coincide with sledge retracted.
IC dates seem to be 1990/91 and all +&- power rails seem correct
Anyway no platter rotation, motor ok , due presumably to no laser beam
although sled and focus servos are functioning.
The laser unit board is marked TK-TC 94HB housing an 8 pin XRGA 10358
with no DC on it, linked to Sanyo 48 pin SM LA9200N on the main board.
Cant see any fuse protectors/ fuseable resistors - any ideas ?

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