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RXB8 receiver


Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014
Have a Lockmaster sliding gate opener and it up and died suddenly.
No storms or power surges ....
Motor works fine when driven with power directly.

Pulled out the control board and it has a programmed keyfob where one has to use the manufacturers unit.
Other visibly identical keyfobs on 433mhz will not work at all.
I have 4 of these manufacturers keyfobs and presently none will work the control board whereas they did previously.

Put my DS150 scope set to 1v/div dc on the data pin on the receiver module but there is no change when I push the keyfob button.
Tried the complete range of time base also.
Sort of out of my depth here not having done much with transmitters or receivers but assume I should see some change at least.
Power to the module is 5v dc.
Assuming any decoding would be done on the main board as there does not seem to be much involved with the receiver module.

Receiver module looks very much the same as these RXB8 433mhz modules on Ebay etc. and thought maybe could try one of those.
Any ideas....cheers Jorgo


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Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014
All sorted...... diagnosis proceedure was remove the board and set up on the workbench with power.
(Too much drama down at ground level trying to fix)

First approach was to see if the controller would recognise a "learn" of one of the manufacturers remotes...... nothing.
Set up the little ds150 scope on the data pin from the receiver (small module attached to bottom of main board) ....nothing.

Popped it and a 2 bob 433mhz rx from China into a breadboard and powered up both.
Put an LED and 1k resistor to ground off both.
Manufacturers keyfob gave a square wave pulse and LED ON on the 2 bob board but nothing on the gate receiver.

170mm aerial cable coiled up and fitted to the 2 bob board and soldered into the main controller....all good.
Reinstalled in the gate and washed all the bird sh**t off the colorbond fence...all good.
Beer time...... :):)