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Sanyo ds27930 chasis 27930-01 Picture turns red



Jan 1, 1970
Tv mentioned above was saved from curb. When no cable is hooked up
(snow) looks red even with color all the way down. At first I was
thinking tube on the way out I'll adjust the RGB in the service menu
and get a little more life out of it. Well I noticed that if I change
the channel, still no cable, the snow is white for less than a second
before it goes back to red. Also black backgrounds look red too. Even
the blank screen for the inputs looks red before it goes to blue
screen, nothing hooked to inputs. Anything common on these sets, it's
a 27'' flat tube so I'd like to fix it if I can. Also it makes a
ticking noise when it's off but powers up fine everytime. No need to
tell me to take it to a tech I know the hazards of working on these.

Thanks in advance,