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Science Fairs on PBS


Michael Black

Jan 1, 1970
This may be a bit late for some, since the program has
already aired in some areas, but PBS is this week
running a program entitled "Young Scientists with John Merrow"
about a number of high school students competing in
"Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair".
The PBS page is at

I can remember when science fairs were a pretty big thing
(when did Westinghouse stop being sponsor of the biggest
US fair?), and it seemed to be part of a general agreement
that science was important.

As we've seen in this newsgroup over the years, there seems
to be a decline in interest in hobby electronics and the
disappearance of most of the magazines (or did the latter
cause the former?). If things like science fairs aren't getting
much attention, surely it contributes to the decline. So maybe
PBS running a special about a science fair will be a start
at reversing the situation.