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Searching for a working Casio AX-210.....need help please.


Dunny Rummy

Jan 1, 1970
Not sure if this is the right group to post in but an older
thread( showed up in's groups search.

Once, I owned a Casio AX-210 watch. I first saw it in a popular
science magazine ad in 1978/1979. It was the coolest watch I ever
owned with its dual LCD analog/ digital display, LCD colander and
more! Unfortunately I gave it away many years ago. I especially liked
the melody alarms it played (Greensleaves, Dixe Land & Clementine. The
hunt for a similar "Casio" watch is difficult. Is there any watches
made by Casio or other name brand that has all the features (or close
to it) the AX-210 did?

here is a PDF manual I found on the net if you want to look at it