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Sears 562.42551650 TV



Jan 1, 1970
The tuner on this TV set will show a heavly snowy picture for 1 second
and then goe complete static after 1 second and keep on doing the same
patteren. I've done the solder joints and no change, I'm figuring caps
but there's so many and with out a ESR meter (do have a meter that
measures capacitiace) I'm shooting in the dark. Has anyone run into
this problem with the same set and/or with a similar toshiba model
from this era (1986 manufacture date)? The AV inputs work great and
has a great picture, yes I know I can just use the AV input but would
rather have a completely working TV. Thanks for all your help.


Jan 1, 1970
You need to troubleshoot the tuning, IF, aft stages in the tv set.
Without even the basic minimal tools for proper troubleshooting, there is
little suggestions that can be given. You did not even post an OEM chassis
number as almost no one has information on Sears model numbers.


Shoreline Electronics

Jan 1, 1970
Here's the scoop on this Toshiba in Sears clothing.

Text pasted from WinSTIPS 2.0

SEARS 562.42251650

Aft Hunts And Finally Locks Off Frequency

Marshfield TV

Adjusted Aft Coil L171, And It Locked Up Fine. No Other Parts Replacement
Or Adjustment Necessary In This Case.


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