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sears coldspot freezer wiring schematic


Dec 21, 2013
Dec 21, 2013
I am in need of the wiring schematic for a coldspot freezer.
The model # 106-628440

The reason for it is, the bottom door hinge pin with wire for door heater rusted off.
I have found crappy pics on sears web site. Most of the parts are no longer available.

When pin broke and door dropped to the floor, The wires broke also.
The 2" of the black and white wire are very brittle and not enough to try for need connection.

I recreated the pin, removed the door rack, and insulation so I could repair the smashed corner.

Where are the black and white wires going/ connection, So I can disconnect them?

Reattaching the Green/ gnd wire, not a problem to reestablish ground.

There is no label on back of the freezer. And even if there was, it wouldnt show me where to dis and reconnect.

I thank you for any and all help anyone can provide.

Brian Wells