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seeking construction help in DC



Jan 1, 1970
hey all> I am also a newbie to elctronics and would like to learn. I
have not been successful in finding simpler self help books that teach
you how to read a scheamatic.
I'm sure theere are probably various diagrams available for the same
thing but aside from learning the symbols for various components I
can't translate that to real life material. I will look at the two
sites mentioned in an earlier post, however I am in need of come help
for constructing an item. The first project is simple enough, I just
need to find some help relatively close to me....any good samaritans
have some time?? thanks you in advance.

I live in Northern Virginia and work on pinball machines and video
games for a living (yea, i get paid to do it)

While I myself have never recieved any "formal" education in
electronics. I've gotten enough basics and i'm damn good at reading
schematics. I might be able to take a look at it and give you a hand.

Schematics are really easy to read once you learn the basics, except
the German ones...esically the mid 60's German schematics.

Email me at dewdude(at) and we'll hammer out some details.


Jan 1, 1970
Hey Dude!

I think this will be simply for you.....since it's very late now i'll scan
the plan and email you tomorrow. I'm on wisconsin aven in dc. I'd really
appreciate help on this project as its very important to me...not a hobby.

later, claire