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Seeking Schematic for Wirtual Reality Sound Labs VRA 2.0


Jeff Wisnia

Jan 1, 1970
Trying to help the kid next door with a dead two channel car audio amp.

The model (Virtual Rality Sound Labs VRA 2.0) is still being sold by
WalMart, so it can't be too old.

An initial scoping around makes it appear likely it's a blown MOSFET in
the switching power supply which I'm guessing uses synchronous
rectification as there's four heat sunk semis connected to a toroidal
xformer with a jillion leads coming off it.

I see two nice 12 volt high out of phase switching waveforms coming into
the power supply area of the board, but no other activity there.

This $%0 amp really isn't worth spending forever tracing out, but it'd
probably be a snap to fix if I had a schematic to guide me.

Thanks guys,


My name is Jeff Wisnia and I approved this message....

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