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Sensing AC voltage by non-contact means.



Jan 1, 1970
David said:
I'd give that answer an A*

I am simply looking for a go/no-go so I can call out the right engineer,
( off a list of 3 ). It all saves money, and improves time - to - resume
- service. I've got 8 hours of back-up battery to get it fixed, and I
can't afford to call out all 3 engineers in succession, apart from the
cost. This lot could be 50 miles from the nearest house, let alone depot.

My only point is that I'd like to be able to BUY one of these things,
rather than make one. Why can't I ( pout ).

I am hoping that I can access the live tail just where it enters the
board fuse - I appreciate it will be well shielded all the way to there,
but I'm hoping the shielding stops short enough for my purposes.

David Collier

email can be sent to , under name from_usenet@
Oh crud, they are cheap and easy to find in Los Angeles and any other city
where there are established IBEW locals. I have one. I bet i can find
another. If you really want one, send your address to joseph_barrett "at" I will even send you a copy of the receipt.