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Serial IR receiver problem



Jan 1, 1970
Hello all

I have a strange problem. I use a home built serial IR receiver
attached to the com-port of my computer. I use Winlirc and Girder to
perform different tasks from my remote control. It has worked very
well for many years now.

The other day I installed a Skype adapter, AU-600. I trhink this
device works more or less as a modem with voice capablities. It
enables me to use my regular phone with Skype, making and receiving

It's an USB device and after I installed it my IR receiver works very
poorly. It seems that the signal received is very inconsistent. I've
tried to re-learn some remote codes, but Winlirc reports inconsistent
signal. When I pull the plug on the skype adapter, evereything is back
to normal.

Does anyone has any ideas what can cause this? I've tried to use
different USB ports on the computer, different USB cables but no
change. I tried to change the IRQ channel of the com port, but that
didn't have any effect.

Please help!

Kind regards


Jan 1, 1970
Erk said:
Hello all

I use a home built serial IR receiver
attached to the com-port of my computer.
Skype adapter
IR receiver works very poorly.

IR sensors sense a very small signal so they are vulnerable to interference.
Just sticking an IR LED to a hi-gain amp isn't enough, it needs screening
If you look at commercial sensors, they have a metal screen.

It may be that noise on the VCC rail is leaking into the sensor.
If so you need extra local regulation near your sensor.

Do you have a link to the page you got your IR design from?