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Serial port control of an ATX power supply


Oct 21, 2006
Oct 21, 2006
how are you going to reset remotely something that is not working ?that is a nice trick.


Jan 1, 1970
pjhealy said:

It's been 20+ years since I did any kind of circuit design, so I'm
struggling quite a bit with this. Here's what I'm trying to do:

I have a server sitting in a remote location (actually a cell block...)
that occaisionally hangs. While I'm trying to determine the reason it
hangs, I need a way to remotely toggle the power.

My thought is to run a piece of CAT 5 from the troublesome server up to
a server that is reachable via the Internet. I would connect that CAT
5 cable to a spare serial port on the good server. Using the DTR/RTS
pins I would come up with a way to raise those pins to high giving me
enough power to activate a reed relay located at the far end. The
other side of the reed relay would be connected to the power on circuit
of the ATX power supply in the circuit. The relay would be Normally
Open and when closed would be closed until my code releases it or
minimally 10 seconds.

I need help identifying the current needs and what components would
work; any help would be gratefully appreciated and I'll be happy to
share whatever circuit comes out of this.



I found this while looking around for a WOL and shutdown option handled
through the NIC. The device listed is $140 which is significantly more
than I'd be interested in spending. The idea is similar thought...